High Pressure Products and Systems. High Pressure Liquid Pumps, Air Amplifiers, Gas Boosters, Oxygen Boosters, High Pressure VFT Valves, Fittings, Tubing, Gauges and Specialty High Pressure Gauges, High Pressure Hose Assemblies and Measurement Devices.  

Greene Technology has a unique blend of people skills and experience.

BUSINESS SERVICES : Our global team of associates in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia offer an approach to projects in which contrasting experience and skill sets are brought together to create value for the client. This is particularly important with clients in the ever changing Oil & Gas Market, who have High Pressure Hydrostatic Test requirements.

SALES & SERVICE : Greene Technology provides High Pressure Air Driven Liquid Pumps, Air Driven Air Amplifiers, Air Driven Gas Boosters, Electric Gas Boosters, Oxygen Gas Boosters, and High Pressure Valves, Fittings & Tubing, and High Pressure Systems Accessories.

Business Services
  • Consulting, Training and Ideas Relating to High
  • Pressure Testing
  • Competition Feature - Benefit Analysis
  • Marketing and Sales Lead Qualification
  • Acquisition and Due Diligence Interviews
  • Interim Management Fulfillment 

Components available with the following Certifications:
ISO 9001 2000, TUV Cert, NACE, ATEX, CE 

Product Sales & Services in Canada
  • High Pressure Air Driven Liquid Pumps (101,000 psi) & Systems
  • High Pressure Air Driven Air Amplifiers (4,350 psi) & Systems
  • High Pressure Air Driven Gas Boosters (36,000 psi) & Systems
  • Hydrogen, CO2, Oxygen & Rebreather Oxygen Booster Systems
  • High Pressure Valves, Tube and Fittings   ( 152,000 psi)
  • High Pressure Hose Assemblies     (46,400 psi)
  • High Pressure Gauges and Measurement Devices
  • Air Driven Liquid Hydrostatic Test Systems; Table Top, Portable & Mobile
  • Spare Parts and Service Kits
  • Test Benches, Valve Testers
  • Coning & Threading Machines
  • Medium & High Pressure Tubing and Hoses